Vortex Tennis
Why We Play

The modern game of tennis is driven by two forces: incredible power and massive spin. Today’s professional players can hit serves that are routinely in the 130 mph range, and topspin forehands that jump up to shoulder level. The patent-pending Vortex racket is specifically designed to produce massive amounts of spin and power at all levels of play.

Features of Vortex's Products:

--Low Tension Dynamics Vortex rackets are strung at standard string tensions, but the actual surface tension is 15-30 lbs less than a conventional racket. This lower tension returns more energy to the ball, resulting in greater power.

--Patent-Pending Strings The Vortex super-wide string pattern and proprietary string lets the ball penetrate deep between the strings, creating a vice-grip effect on the ball. When the ball leaves the strings, it leaves with massive spin, allowing you to rip a topspin forehand cross court or deliver a kick serve that jumps like a super-ball.

--Revolutionary Racket Our racket designs allow top-flight players to develop unsurpassed topspin and control. Intermediate players will be able to extract more power from each shot, and chip-and-charge players will have greater control, backspin, and sweet spots.

How to Contact us:

Vortex Tennis
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