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Vortex Syn Gut 1.30
Vortex Syn Gut 1.30

A classic synthetic gut with great combination of playability and durability.
VORTEX Mega-Spin Hex Polyester
VORTEX Mega-Spin Hex Polyester

Vortex Mega Spin Hex Poly 1.45mm 15 gauge
Racket Preferences: ES 133 & ES 116
Our 1.45 mm Mega Spin Hex Poly is the thickest polyester that is commercially available for tennis strings. Specifically designed to withstand the demands of our super wide string pattern in our ES 133 and ES 116 rackets. It has 6 edges for gripping and thick enough to harness the extreme power.

Vortex Mega Spin Hex 1.35mm 16 gauge
Racket Preferences: ES 133, ES 116, ES 108 & ES 100, XF 116, XF125
Our 1.35 MSHP has a firm feel with great spin potential. Plays best in our ES series of rackets with the more severe open patterns. The softer co-polys tend to be too soft and not as responsive.

Vortex Mega Spin Hex Poly 1.30mm 16 gauge
Racket Preferences: Pro 116, XF 116, ES108, ES 100, Pro 100, Tour 95
Our Vortex MSHP 1.30 is a 16 gauge poly with a firm feel and superior gripping power. Because of its thinner profile is better suited for slightly denser string patterns unless it is hybrided with our Kevtex. When combined with our 1.25 Kevtex in the crosses it will withstand the punishment of all our ES series rackets.
VORTEX Mega Spin Hex Hybrid
VORTEX Mega Spin Hex Hybrid

Vortex Mega Spin Hex Hybrid 1.45(MSHP 1.45+Kevtex 1.35)

Racket Preference:ES 133

This hybrid version is ideal for chronic string breakers. The 15 gauge poly in the mains and the 16 gauge Kevtex in the crosses is nearly impossible to break. The Kevtex in the crosses will not burn or notch out the Poly in the mains. This means your strings will last and last and last. The Kevtex also has a unique coating that tends to shred the cover off the tennis ball. This has the advantage of actually increasing the amount of spin applied to the ball through friction.
Generally cross strings have little impact on creating spin, but not in this case. Take note of the ball fuzz collected on the cross strings after a few minutes of hitting. Quite Amazing!

Vortex Mega Spin Hex Hybrid 1.35( MSHP 1.35 + Kevtex 1.25)
Racket Preferences: ES 100, ES  108, ES 116, ES 133, Pro 116
This string is extremely durable with great spin production and a nice solid feel.

Vortex Mega Spin Hex Hybrid 1.25 (MSHP 1.25 + Kevtex 1.25)
Racket Preferences: Pro 116, ES 100 and ES 108
In this 17 gauge provides good power, spin and durability.

Vortex Mega Spin Hex Hybrid 1.20 ( MSHP 1.20 + Kevtex 1.25)
Super thin blend provides extreme spin and good durability with a nice solid feel.
Racket Preference: Tour 100, Pro 100, ES 100, ES 108, and Pro 116
Vortex String Kev-Tex 1.25
Vortex String Kev-Tex 1.25

Kevtex is a Kevlar based string with a special polymer coating that enhances ball grip. Extremely durable and most used as crosses in our hybrid strings.